Getting Creative with Black Tie Alternatives

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Getting Creative with Black Tie Alternatives

woman and man couple with gold dress and gold sequin lapel and bow tie

So, you’ve been invited to a creative black tie event, and you’re not sure what to wear. While the name may make it seem like you need to design a masterpiece, “creative black tie” isn’t all that different from traditional black tie. The main difference is that you’ll be able to play around with colors and textures. Creative black tie events allow you to be as creative as possible while still encompassing a tuxedo look using accessories like custom lapels, bow ties and vests. Here are a few areas where you can get creative for one of these events:

man with tropical themed lapels and bowtie

The Bow Tie

When it comes to changing up your look in a tuxedo, the easiest accessory to switch out is the bow tie. The surface area is small enough to create a pop of color but large enough to stand out. You can play with textures and colors to express your own personal style. For some, this is plenty to make you stand out.  

The Vest or Cumberbund

Looking to create more of an impact than you can with a simple bow tie? Try adding in color or texture with a vest or cumberbund. These staples of tuxedos can show off your personal style. Remember, no matter how creative you want to get, only wear one or the other. Like many of the finer things in life, a vest and a cumberbund work well separately but don’t go together. 

man wearing lapel with gold accents

The Lapels

With any suit or blazer, you can get a creative black tie look with the help of custom lapels. These lapels vary from traditional colors, patterns and textures to more expressive varieties. They’re a canvas of expression that work especially well for themed events. Just like bow ties, these accessories can be easily changed up, just like a mask at a masquerade party. Looking for a more subtle creative black tie look? Playing with texture is the best way to go for a subtle hint of personal style. 

Other Accessories

Perhaps you’ve been invited to a creative black tie event but don’t want to stray too far from formal black tie attire. Tuxedos allow you to add in more subtle accessories, like cufflinks, watches and pocket squares, that can elevate your look without straying too far from the traditional black tie appearance.  

Need some accessories for an upcoming creative black tie event, or looking for black tie alternatives? Discover the variety of lapels and accessories that The Lapel Project has to offer, or connect with us online to make a custom order. We’re here to make men’s fashion accessible, affordable and flexible.

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