The Different Styles and Profiles Of Bow Ties

The Different Styles and Profiles Of Bow Ties

Nothing completes a tuxedo look like a stylish bow tie. Choosing a bow tie may seem simple at first, but you’ll quickly find that bow ties come in many different shapes and styles. There are several choices to make, from style to texture, and the first step is knowing what’s out there. Read on to learn about different styles of bow ties. 


butterfly bow tie

Butterfly Bow Tie

The most traditional and most recognized style is the butterfly bow tie. A butterfly bow tie has flat ends and a smooth curve in the middle. It also has a decent amount of surface area, making it the perfect shape for fun patterns and designs. However, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking to go more traditional. 


narrow batwing bow tie


Narrow Batwing Bow Tie

This more contemporary shape is straight and narrow, which makes it look longer than the more traditional butterfly style. Narrow batwing bow ties are rectangle shaped and create a more low-profile bow. If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss option, this type of bow tie could be the one for you. 

diamond point bow tie

Diamond Point Bow Tie

A diamond bow tie looks like a traditional butterfly in the midsection but has a distinctive point on each wing. This classic shape with a little something extra adds glamor and sophistication to your bow tie look. It’s perfect for a less formal event where you’re looking to make a statement.

Other Style Elements

Once you find the right shape for your bow tie, you have a few more elements to consider:

  • Fabric and texture: Bow ties can be made of many types of fabric, though the most common are cotton, wool and silk. Silk-based satin and velvet bow ties are the most popular. 
  • Tying style: Another difference between bowties is how you tie them. There are self tie, pre tied and clip-on styles that you can choose based on your level of comfort and dexterity. 
  • Colors and patterns: While you want to make sure to have basic colors like black and gray in your collection, some events call for something a little more colorful. 

With so many types of bow ties available, you may be nervous when you start shopping for one. As long as the bow tie you choose makes sense for the event you’re attending and makes you feel good, you can’t go wrong. Connect with us online for tips on finding the perfect bow tie for your next event. We’re here to make men’s fashion accessible, affordable and flexible.

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