Santa Pattern Themed Lapels

Santa Pattern Themed Lapels

Notch Lapel Fit
100% Lycra
Contains 2 lapels (left & right)

Ships in 5-7 business days

A Winter Tuxedoland

Transform your suit into a truly winter wonderland with our Santa Themed pattern Lapels. With colored snowflakes on a cool blue make a great addition and conversation starter for any holiday party. And while you're grabbing that delicious punch make sure you tell hem where you got it from!

Each lapel set comes with two lapels (left and right side) and are made from 100% lycra. 

Pairing suggestions

Try pairing this with solids.

Care instructions

We always prefer our clients sew on lapels. The adhesive is for a on-the-go look! 

About cleaning

To clean your lapels we recommend using a lint roller or a damp cloth. Do not dry clean your lapels. Simply remove your lapels before sending your suit to the dry cleaner. Read our FAQ's or contact us

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