Are lapels harmful to a suit or garment?

No, we have a special fabric adhesive specifically for garments.  However, not all suits are constructed the same. Apply the lapels and use at your own discretion.

How many times can you use lapels?

Lapels can last the life of your garment if sewn on.  If using the adhesive, it can be used multiple times depending on your care of the lapels.  You want to make sure the fabric adhesive does not come in contact with itself and/or foreign material.  Please note, any lapels that do come in contact with itself will be automatically denied an exchange.

Can the lapels be sewn or stitched on?

We always prefer our clients sew on lapels.  The adhesive is for clients on the go!

If the fabric adhesive wears out, can I purchase additional adhesive strips in order extend the life of my lapel?

Yes, adhesive strips can be purchased online and easily applied to the back side of the lapel..

How do I clean my customs lapels?

We recommend using a lint roller or damp cloth depending on what falls onto the lapel. 

Can I wash or dry clean my lapel?

No, due to the lapel having an adhesive backing, the fabric adhesive will not react well to water or heat.  Please remove your custom lapels prior to sending your suit to the dry cleaner.

Do the lapels fit any suit?

Suits jackets traditionally have three different styles of Lapels. Notch Lapels, Shawl Lapels, and Peak Lapels.  We currently offer the Notch Lapel.  Peak Lapel, Slim Peak Lapel, and Shawl Lapel are currently in development and will be offered at a later date.

Is the Lapel Project currently offering custom orders?

Yes, custom orders for your brand, event, company logo, charity, and fundraising are available. Please inquire with us through our contact page.

What is your return policy?

We are happy to exchange your product for the same product if the product is damaged upon receipt. An exchange form must be filled through the site and a exchange authorization must be granted within a 24 hour period of receipt.  All sales are final. No refunds.

Do the lapels come in different sizes?

Lapels currently come in one standard size.  We typically find that our notch lapel on short jackets can run over the button hole.  We recommend you adapt the lapel by cutting a slit through the end of the lapel leaving space for the button to pass through the jacket at your discretion.
Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.  
We'd love to hear your suggestions!
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