Camo Lapels
Camo Lapels

Camo Lapels

Notch Lapel Fit
100% Lycra
Contains 2 lapels (left & right)

Ships in 5-7 business days

Camo on-trend 

Our one of a kind Camo Lapels can evoke a bold commanding look. Never totally off-trend, camo in men's style is as relevant as ever. Or maybe our military inspired print is just your own personal style. And you're the type of person that goes with what just feels right in your stylish gut.

Pairing the Camo

Try pairing it with an earth tone suit let be a beige or a brown for any day event. For the evening place it on a black suit to give it a bold commanding look!

Care instructions

About cleaning

To clean your lapels we recommend using a lint roller or a damp cloth. Do not dry clean your lapels. Simply remove your lapels before sending your suit to the dry cleaner. Read our FAQ's or contact us

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