Grey Satin Lapels

Grey Satin Lapels

Notch Lapel Fit
100% Satin
Contains 2 lapels (left & right)

Ships in 5-7 business days

About our Grey Satin 

Transform any notch-lapel suit or jacket into an instant tuxedo with our one of kind patent-pending suit transformer bundle. The bundle includes a pair of 100% Grey Satin Lapels (a left side and a right side) that can be used with our patent-pending fabric adhesive or can be sewn on.

Pairing suggestions

Try pairing this with solids or patterns

  • use white for a clean look
  • try checkered patterns as a compliment

Care instructions

About cleaning

To clean your lapels we recommend using a lint roller or a damp cloth. Do not dry clean your lapels. Simply remove your lapels before sending your suit to the dry cleaner. Read our FAQ's or contact us

The Lapel Project Grey Satin Lapels + Bow Tie Set

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