Choosing the Right Bow Tie for Your Tuxedo

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Choosing the Right Bow Tie for Your Tuxedo

You may think you’re done when you find that perfect tuxedo, but in reality, you’ve only started the process of creating a look. One of the integral steps in putting together a fashionable formal outfit is choosing the right bow tie. Some will say that the choice is simple: it’s either  a self-tying bow tie or a  clip-on. However, our team knows there’s much more to it than that. Here are the steps you should follow to find that perfect bow tie for your next event. 

Type of Bow Tie

There are a few styles of bow tie to choose from. You can find bow ties that are:

  • Self tie, meaning you tie them yourself
  • Pre tied, meaning the tie is made but you can adjust the neckband, or
  • Clip-on, which leaves no room for adjustment but is the easiest to put on 

Self tie bow ties allow for the most customization and are typically the highest quality. Pre-tied versions are easiest to tie on and leave the guesswork out of tying the bowtie. They’re generally safe to wear to formal events. If you lack fine motor skills due to age or disability, a clip-on version is a great option!

Find the Right Color

Ask yourself two crucial questions when looking for a bowtie: 1) what color is your tuxedo, and 2) what’s the nature of the event you’re attending? These factors can help you determine what color of bow tie you should wear. Make sure the color you choose for your bow tie complements the tuxedo while being appropriate for the event. Some dress codes call for muted colors, while other events allow you to go all out with colors, patterns and textures. 

Select a Fitting Fabric

When you think of tuxedos, there’s one texture that rules them all: silk. However, if silk isn’t your thing, bow ties also come in different textures like velvet and linen. Accessorizing with different textures can make your outfit stand out. Velvet bow ties add an element of class and luxury. Linen bow ties (like an overall linen suit) can help your neck stay cooler during a summer outdoor event. If you want to stay strictly formal or have a dress code to stick to, silk is the easiest option. 

Knowing how to properly style a bow tie with the right tuxedo is a step in the right direction when putting together that perfect look. Experiment with different colors and fabrics to find the right look for any occasion. The Lapel Project offers all the essential tuxedo accessories, from bow ties to loafers and more. Connect with us online to start building your perfect tuxedo look. We’re here to make men’s fashion accessible, affordable and flexible.

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