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Going to a wedding involves a great deal of planning. Even if you’re not in the wedding party, you need to figure out travel, gifts and, most importantly, what to wear. Once you pick the perfect suit or tuxedo, you’re still not quite done. You need to choose accessories that will make your outfit memorable to your loved ones. These are some of the ones we recommend: Loafers When you’re considering your outfit for a wedding, shoes may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, when the day involves traveling, walking around, dancing and who knows what...

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When you buy clothes, you don’t typically change them after the fact. However, suits are built to be customized! You can make a store-bought suit your own in many ways. With the help of an experienced tailor (and in some cases, without one), you can elevate an existing suit and use it to showcase your personal style. Here are a few customization options we recommend.  Get it Fitted The first and most obvious step for making a store-bought suit your own is taking a trip to the tailor. Get your suit and yourself measured, and the tailor will make the...

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Preparing for a formal event, especially your own wedding or prom, can be intimidating. It’s hard to know what’s trendy when those trends seem to change every other month! You may not know if the tux or suit you wore five years ago could still work at an event today. While you plan out your social calendar for the rest of 2023, take some tips from our guide to current men’s formal wear trends.  Bow Ties Over Neck Ties While neckties can often be seen in the office and on politicians, bow ties are dominating the men’s formal wear scene....

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So, you’ve been invited to a creative black tie event, and you’re not sure what to wear. While the name may make it seem like you need to design a masterpiece, “creative black tie” isn’t all that different from traditional black tie. The main difference is that you’ll be able to play around with colors and textures. Creative black tie events allow you to be as creative as possible while still encompassing a tuxedo look using accessories like custom lapels, bow ties and vests. Here are a few areas where you can get creative for one of these events: The...

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‘Tis the season for toys in every store and parties around every corner. Depending on the weekend, you may have multiple parties to attend. For every occasion, you’ll want to have something different to wear, especially if you’ll be seeing some of the same people. Here’s our guide to suiting up at holiday parties.  Double Check the Invitation Does the invitation to the party say black tie, black tie optional, or creative black tie? This will give you an idea of how to dress. For a black tie required party, your options are somewhat limited to a black tuxedo with...

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