Pros and Cons of a Tuxedo vs. a Suit for a Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Tuxedo vs. a Suit for a Wedding

It’s finally happening; your loved one is getting married! Amidst the wedding fun,  you need to figure out what to wear. The goal is simple: make an impression without outshining the man of the hour. The first step in deciding what to wear is choosing between a tuxedo and a suit. That choice can get tricky when you weigh in factors like the location of the wedding, the dress code and even the time of day. We’re unpacking the pros and cons of each option so you make the right choice. 

Pros of Wearing a Tuxedo

Wearing a tuxedo, you’re guaranteed to turn heads. Tuxedos are formal, elegant and timeless. There’s nothing like a tuxedo, especially if you’re in a luxurious venue that calls for elevated, black-tie style. If you’re in the wedding party, wearing a tuxedo can be a great way to honor the groom on his special day. Even if you’re just an attendee of the wedding, a tuxedo shows everyone that you mean business. 

Cons of Wearing a Tuxedo

By design, tuxedos have limited versatility when it comes to styling options. This is part of what creates the timeless look, but it can also hinder you if you want to show off your unique style. Tuxedos are also more expensive than regular suits, which can be a dealbreaker when you consider the cost of travel, wedding gifts and other expenses. Plus, not all weddings call for tuxedos! Some weddings have a more casual dress code, especially outdoor weddings. 

Pros of Wearing a Suit

You may only wear a tuxedo once or twice a year at the most. A suit, however, has far more versatility in how it’s worn. You can style it for work, for parties and for special occasions like weddings. There’s a wider range of styles and colors available, and suits are less expensive than tuxedos. Depending on how you style a suit, it can fit a casual wedding or a formal one. 

Cons of Wearing a Suit

Some weddings call for formal attire, and a suit can often lack the formality of a tuxedo. If the wedding is in a more elegant venue, wearing a regular suit may make you stand out among the wedding crowd. There can also be difficulty coordinating suits if you’re in the wedding party or looking to dress similarly to other friends or family members. 

The Best of Both Worlds 

If you’re looking for the elegance of a tuxedo without spending the money for one, The Lapel Project has the perfect solution for you. We offer lapels that can be added to a suit to give it a tuxedo look or added to a tuxedo to change up its style. They vary from formal styles to personalized designs. These removable lapels can make any suit or tuxedo shine.  

Ultimately, what you decide to wear to a wedding depends on the expectations of the wedding party and your personal preference. Whatever you decide to wear, The Lapel Project has what you need to enhance your look. We’re here to make men’s fashion accessible, affordable and flexible with tuxedo options and accessories. Connect with us online to get started. 

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